lunes, 19 de enero de 2009


Present Simple:
- Natalia cleans her house on Sunday.
- Her house is cleaned on Sunday.

Present Continuous:
- They are making the food.
- The food is being made.

Present Perfect:
- The doctor has cured that person.
- That person has been cured.

Past simple:
- She combed the wildcat.
- The wildcat was comed.

Past Continuous:
- The dump was washing the street.
- The street was being washed.

Past Perfect:
- They had done the red car.
- The red car had been done.

- He will do his homework.
- His homework will be done.

- We are going to wash the dog.
- The dog is going to be washed.

- The mechanical should wash the car.
- The car should be washed.

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