jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

May / might

- Telephone conversation...

Ana: Hello Ben!
Ben:Hello Ana!
Ana: I phone to say you that tomorrow there is a party. It will be at Mary's house.
Ben: Oh! I'm sorry but I'm sick, I have a fever...I am not sure if I will be better tomorrow. But I think I may go.
Ana: Ok!, I like that you think positive. Bye!
Ben: Bye! thank you for calling.

- In a forced landing:

"The airplane may not land on the sea because there are some boats!"

- We are out of school and we go to my car, but my keys aren't in my bag...

Susanna: Perhaps your keys are in your house...
I: My keys mightn't be in my house because I have driven my car until here, so they must be here!

To be able to

- When I was in my ICT, I was able to connect to messenger

Can / could

- If I pass my exams, I can go on school trip.

- If I were rich, I could buy a house near the sea, a luxury car, or bribe the teachers to pass me, etc.

Should/ ought to

- We're going to Las Dalias market, you ought to take some money because you could see things that you like
- I'm lost in the village, I don't know where I am, I should ask somebody :s

Had better

- We're on the bus, we are going to london. In London it's cold, so you had better wear a coat

Have to

- Let's go to do the english work at library. You don't have to take your laptop to the library, we have some computers there.
But it's true that you have to be quiet at library

Need to

- I didn't understand what you told me, so we need to talk now

- We have a lot of time to talk because today we'll be together two hours between class and class, so we needn't hurry...


- I have seen that I haven't got anything in the kitchen. You must go to supermarket, I need some food

- My sister is going to a party on Sunday. People wants to have a "botellon". But when my mother found out, she said that she mustn't go.

- I was all the teacher said in my notebook. Then i put it on the shelf. Now, I'm worried because I can't find it. My notebook must be here somewhere...

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008

Singular and plural nouns

- I'm talking to a man who has a blond hair. The rest of the men have different colour hair
- I was cleaning my teeth, and suddenly one tooth fell out

Contable and uncontable nouns

- I'm chopping onions for the salad
- I have given you a flower that I had on my balcony
- The police are chasing an innocent man


Susan was going to town in her mother's car. She was late for the appointment . While her mother was driving, she said: Please, mum, can you drive more quickly!
And her mother accelerated the car and Susan was afraid.Then Susan said: Please mum, drive carefully!

Adjectives with -ing and -ed

- My sister is interested in music, so she has started to learn the violin
- My teachers gave me a negative point because I hadn't done my homework, I was very embarrased
- The film "Quemar después de leer" is really interesting
- The behaviour of that boy is fascinating