jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

May / might

- Telephone conversation...

Ana: Hello Ben!
Ben:Hello Ana!
Ana: I phone to say you that tomorrow there is a party. It will be at Mary's house.
Ben: Oh! I'm sorry but I'm sick, I have a fever...I am not sure if I will be better tomorrow. But I think I may go.
Ana: Ok!, I like that you think positive. Bye!
Ben: Bye! thank you for calling.

- In a forced landing:

"The airplane may not land on the sea because there are some boats!"

- We are out of school and we go to my car, but my keys aren't in my bag...

Susanna: Perhaps your keys are in your house...
I: My keys mightn't be in my house because I have driven my car until here, so they must be here!

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