viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

Will have done:
- In April I will have done my first semester
- By the end of next year, I will have finished my degree
Will be doing:
- At this time on Saturdays I will be going out with my friends
- The next week, on wednesday I will be skating with my line skates
Be going to:
- She's very tired. I think she's going to fall sleep
- Blue has 0 points and Red has 2 points: - I think the reds are going to win the match
Cleanning lady says: - Shall I do your room?
- Shall I help you to do your homework?
-I think it will rain, so we cannot do camping
-If you have a problems with your computer, I will help you...

Present tenses for the future

1. Present Continuous:
- I'm sitting two exams this week
- I'm going to Amsterdam for one week, I'm visiting my family

2. Present Simple:
- I went to University at six o'clock, but my English lesson starts at five o'clock-
- My gym class begins at nine o'clock

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

- His eyes were red. He had been crying
- His knee hurt. He had been jumping all night
- I had forgotten the number of my credit card : s
- I went to the bus station at nine o'clock, but the bus had already gone
- It was raining and the snails were coming out...
- I was writing the news at three o'clock
- I did that picture last week
- I finished my work and I went to the bar near my house
- I have been waiting my boyfriend for thirty minutes ¬¬
- How long have you been waiting for your mother?
- I have finished my flute lesson now
- I have been to Paris, I went there in February...
- I'm eating fruit at the moment...
- She's doing lots of driving test...
- We live near the sea, with a good views...
- I play flauta every week

martes, 14 de octubre de 2008