martes, 20 de enero de 2009



I was born on 23 January of 1988 in Ibiza. At that time, I was living in a house with my mother, my father and my maternal grandparents. After a few years, we went to live in Santa Eulalia Del Rio.

It was at the entrance of the town, beside the road. It had a ground floor and a first floor. My father, my mother, my sister and I lived on the first floor. My maternal grandparents lived on the first floor.

When I was 3 years, my sister was born. I remember that after she was born I had a very good companion game. We used to play with Barbie, with the bears, and so on. The only thing that I hated was that we had to share a room.

At the age of 8, I did my first communion. One of the presents was a Persian cat. I called it Yago. Yago is now 12 and he’s still in top form, despite the fact that an infection (a year ago) in particular scared us a lot.

We also had a very pretty Siamese. The two cats were very good friends. At present I cannot say the same. One lives at home with my grandmother and Yago with us.

At the age of 12, I started my discovered music as a hobby. I started to play the flute at the same time as I was having my music lesson. I met a very special person, one of my best friends at the moment, in music. She’s Mary.

Until the age of 14 I went to the secondary school Xarc in the village where I was living, but before beginning the third year of ESO my friend Mandip went to live in Ibiza town and I wanted to start at another high school.

Then, I decided to go to high school Mestral in Ibiza, where would probably go Mary, another friend of mine and my cousin.  At that time I met a boy called Yannis. We hadn’t decided to meet before, although we had been chatting a lot in messenger. We met that day.

We have been going out together since that day, and we will have been together for five years, next year. He’s very special to me…

I was in this school until I finished the “Bachiller”. Then, I did my selectividad exams. I though, when I had passed my exams, I would make a biology degree. However, my marks were not as good as I had expected and the mark that I got was not high to be a public university in the mainland to study biology. Finally I knew that in Ibiza I could study Special Needs Teacher. I was very interested in it, maybe because I have an aunt with Down syndrome.

  I’m very happy to have chosen this degree course, because I’ve learned a lot and I still got to learn.  If I think about the future, or not so distant, I’m a bit lost. I’m doing the third year of my university studies and I think by this time next year I will have finished it.

I think that soon I’ll work on what I’ve studied, and also I’m thinking about studying something else to increase my knowledge. Maybe add some other specialty such as to be a speech therapist. I’m also very interested in that Programs Transition to Adulthood (PTVA) for people with disabilities. I’m aware that soon there will be a center for this it out.


lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Relative Clauses

- The woman
who has lost the plane, now, is buying another ticket to fly.
- The car
which has many years is in good condition.
- The waiter
that I know has a black shirt.
- The man whose dog barks all night, works at night.

- The dog, who has the biggest bone, is the happiest of the city.   
- The computer, which is broken, it will go to waste. 
- At my wife, to whom I'm married, I love her. 

Reported Orders and Requests

At library...
- "Please shut up, I can't study".
She told me to shut up.

Reported Questions

- "What are you studying at university?" he asked.
He asked me what I'm studying at university.

- "Is there milk?" asked Joe.
Joe asked if it there was milk.

Reported Speech

- "It is very hot at desert of Sahara" said Adri.
Adri said it was very hot at desert of Sahara.

-"We played tennis yesterday" she said.
She said they had played tennis the day before.

- "I have watched the TV today" said Susy.
Susy said she had watched the TV that day.

- "Mary, I can't go at your birthday, I'm sorry" said Tom.
Tom told Mary he couldn't go at her birthday.


Present Simple:
- Natalia cleans her house on Sunday.
- Her house is cleaned on Sunday.

Present Continuous:
- They are making the food.
- The food is being made.

Present Perfect:
- The doctor has cured that person.
- That person has been cured.

Past simple:
- She combed the wildcat.
- The wildcat was comed.

Past Continuous:
- The dump was washing the street.
- The street was being washed.

Past Perfect:
- They had done the red car.
- The red car had been done.

- He will do his homework.
- His homework will be done.

- We are going to wash the dog.
- The dog is going to be washed.

- The mechanical should wash the car.
- The car should be washed.